iTrulyCare will allow you to sell tickets and accept donations for your cause events

The only platform that offers 100% Fee-Free event ticketing and fundraising specifically built for nonprofits, charities and change makers.


Ticket Sales

Free or Paid ticketing & registration management including; purchase receipts, printable tickets, dashboard to manage and track sales, print tickets for offline sale and export data with ease.

Accept Donations

With a single check box, accept donations directly from your event. Allow supporters to still make a difference by donating even if they can't attend your event.


Posting, promoting, and managing no cost or paid events is free and easy. A PayPal email address is all you need to start selling tickets and accepting donations.

No Account Necessary

Your supporters don't need to create an account to purchase tickets or donate, they'll love you for this. We make the processes of supporting simple & easy.

Sharing & Social

Connect your social channels, such as twitter, facebook and youtube. Interact with supporters using facebook comments and social sharing via facebook, twitter and google+.

Growing Community

Join the growing number of organizations and individuals that are raising more money towards their cause than any other platform on the web.

Over $1,500,000 raised with the Power of Zero-Fee Fundraising

Learn more how we're changing the face of fundraising forever!


100% Free



  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Ticket Types
  • Unlimited Ticket Sales
  • Unlimited Donations
  • "iTrulyCare went above and beyond to support our efforts to promote an event for our charity.

    Beth Collingwood / Journey 4 A Cure / President & Co-Founder

  • "Working with iTrulyCare has been nothing short of impressive! iTrulyCare lives up to their name! They truly do care!

    Dawn Wanser / A Caretaker’s Wish / President

  • "Great interaction, customer service and best of all, no extra fees!

    Jeff Woytovich / Children's Alopecia Project


What is iTrulyCare?

iTrulyCare is a simple charity event and cause platform that helps you easily manage ticket sales and accept donations, all for free. We believe every non-profit, charity, do-gooder, and supporter should be able to raise or donate funds for what they truly care about without paying high fees to the middleman.

100% of all tickets sales and donations go directly and immediately to the charity or cause. There are no setup, monthly or annual fees whatsoever.

How much will iTrulyCare cost? is 100% completely free, we don't charge a single penny. There are no setup fees, no platform fees, and no per-ticket or per-donation fees un-like other platforms. All ticket sales and donations are handled through PayPal. You can choose to pass the PayPal's low processing fees to the ticket purchaser or donor, or simply pay them yourself. Either way you're receiving 100% of the raised proceeds.

What do I need in order to sign up?

You only need to enter basic information such as your name, organization name (if applicable), email, and password. If you want to sell tickets or accept donations all you need is the email address associated with the PayPal nonprofit or business account but it’s not needed at sign up.

How are ticket sales and donations processed?

All tickets sales and donations are securely processed through PayPal and immediately and directly deposited into your account.

We don't get in the middle of transactions and don;t take a single penny from your hard fundraising work. That's how it should be!

How does iTrulyCare make money?

Simple answer is we don't. We built for the simple fact that we feel if your're willing to change the world why should any raised proceeds go to a middlemen. We built to test the market and see if there is a need for a service like this within the community. Apparently there is! We've raised over $500,000 dollars so far and counting.

Learn more how we're changing the face of fundraising.

Who can use is for anyone who wants to raise money for a cause. Whether you're a charity, nonprofit, business, restaurant, or an individual trying to make a difference, is for you!

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Our 100% Promise and Commitment is to provide the change maker powerful tools and capabilities to freely and truly make the difference.
Say good bye to fees forever and yet another service getting in the middle of your fundraising.

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Khalil's Tuition Donation

Wed Jun 1 2016

130 Tennessee St Redlands, CA 92373 (map)

I have decided to send Khalil to Redlands Adventist Academy for his Kindergarten career. While it will be an extremely...