Free Charity Event Ticketing Ticketing Features

We’re announcing free charity event ticketing as our latest feature to the iTrulyCare platform. We’ve made it extremely easy to sell multiple ticket types, limit sale dates, and limit ticket availability. No more per-ticket fees and percentages, we’re saving nonprofits and their supporters’ serious money.

Full ticketing features including a receipt with attached printable pdf ticket that goes to the ticket purchaser and a purchase update email to the host. Easily track ticket sales, print tickets for offline purchase, or export sale and attendee registration data through our new event dashboard.

100% no cost to sell tickets and there’s no transaction fee to pay. We could do the complicated math to show and compare why we’re different than any other event management site out there and why you should use us. But let’s make it simple, how life should be shall we?

Let’s say tickets to your next fundraiser are $30; based on your PayPal nonprofit or business account, your very happy attendee paid a total of $30.96. That’s only .96 cents in fees and you instantly receive the full $30 ticket price. This is how we like to handle complicated matters, nice and simple so you can focus on your mission.

If you’re holding a free event but still want to track registrations and attendees, no problem. Free events or paid events we handle it all with ease and simplicity.

Stop paying high ticket fees or any fees at that matter and receive 100% of the sales with iTrulyCare and discover how charity event management should be. See it in action with this example event. Have questions email us we would love to hear from you.

7:37 pm in Features